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Our Photo Booth Rentals Includes

Scranton Photo Booth Rentals by Your Pixel Perfect 570-877-2829 www.scrantonphotobooth.com #photobooth #photoboothrentals @nepaphotobooth


Assembled & given to you at end of party

Scranton Photo Booth Rentals by Your Pixel Perfect 570-877-2829 www.scrantonphotobooth.com #photobooth #photoboothrentals @nepaphotobooth


Hats, Masks, Signs,  Glasses, & more

Scranton Photo Booth Rentals by Your Pixel Perfect 570-877-2829 www.scrantonphotobooth.com #photobooth #photoboothrentals @nepaphotobooth

20 Border Design, 10 Fonts

To choose from and custom message on print

Scranton Photo Booth Rentals by Your Pixel Perfect 570-877-2829 www.scrantonphotobooth.com #photobooth #photoboothrentals @nepaphotobooth

Choice of 4 Print Styles

Classic 2x6 Strips or 4x6

See All Included In Rental

Welcome To Our Website

We hope you find everything you're looking for and have a pleasant stay on our website. We would love feedback on how your experience was on our photo booth website.

Our studio is located in the Moscow area which is 10 minutes from Scranton PA at 2185 Reservoir Road Madisonville PA If you would like to see the photo booth and experience it first hand please setup an appointment. We would be happy to explain our process in person.

Our professional photo booth rental service is designed to fulfill your photo booth needs. We specialize in making your party more fun by providing the very best in photo booth entertainment. Our photo booth rentals are very popular and are a perfect fit for your wedding receptions, sweet sixteen party, graduation party or any other special event.

When you look for a professional photo booth rental company ask them the questions below before you rent.

If we are booked for the date of your event we have a few professional photo booth companies that we can recommend to you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the contact page or by phone.

Looking for a Photobooth?

Ask These Question Before You Rent

When people call to inquire about our photobooth, they often don’t know much about it. They aren’t sure of what to ask, or what exactly a photobooth does. I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions, along with some questions that you should be asking if you are looking to rent a booth.

Do you instantly upload to Facebook from the event? ~

Many events we do have alcohol at them, which mean people are drinking and end up drunk.

Photo Booth + Drinking + Social Media = Bad Idea.

We will have your photos online with in a day or two, usually the afternoon of the next day. This gives us time to go through the images and weed through the ones that may be embarrassing to the people in the images. It also gives someone time to contact us a request us not to post something. If someone does want a copy of something that is not online then we are more than happy to email it to them.

Will every guest receive a copy? ~


Listening to our clients we have started to print additional copies to guest that ask for more copies. Generally we print two copies; one for the scrapbook and one for the group.

The reason we don't just automatically print one for every one is that many people would rather just download it from the website and it keeps the line moving so your guests can get back to the party.

Our printer is fast. It's a thermal dye sublimation printer and only takes a few seconds to print. However, when you get a group of ten, and then another group of ten, and then another, no printer, with quality, will print fast enough to not have people standing around waiting for their print.

How Many Attendants run the booth? ~

Two attendants come with every booth rental.

The attendants run the booth, but they do more than that! They help to direct the guests in the booth, keep the props picked up, keep the printers full of ink and paper and running the way they should. They also help build the scrapbook if that is an option you choose.

How big is your booth? What type of booth is it? ~

Our booth is an actual booth. It is not the small hard-shell type of booth that you may find at the shore or at the mall. It’s an adjustable booth. But, that’s a good thing! We have gotten to venues that gave us small spaces to fit in, and have been to venues that give us a whole room just for our booth. We have even been set up on a staircase at one venue! Being able to adjust is one of our benefits. If your event is outdoors, be sure to find out if the booth you are renting can be run outside, which ours can be an outdoor booth.

If you are looking for an open air photo booth we can do them too. Guest tend to like the enclosed photo booths though.

What type of camera do you use? ~

We use a DSLR camera inside the booth as well as professional lighting. It’s a high quality camera, and if you wanted one of your images blown up to be a wall portrait, there would be no problem in doing so. Since we are also photographers, we know about lighting and know how to light the booth correctly. We use professional equipment inside the booth to give you the best possible lighting, even at the darkest venues.

What size and quality prints do you offer? ~

Our prints are of the highest quality. Our prints do not fade. We encourage you to ask for sample prints from any photobooth company you are looking to hire. Also ask to view online galleries of past events. Any company should be more than happy to send you a password to view a gallery along with print samples.

Your print can be a classic photo strip, or it can be a 4×6 print. We get requests for both. Any of them can be personalized to go along with your event. Border colors, fonts, even logos can be added. A black and white or colored photo is also another option. Your guests also get a card with a link to get to your online gallery. From there they can download, facebook, tweet, or print whatever they want from your event.

Do you bring props or do I have to provide them? ~

Included in every rental is our chest of props. We have a variety of props that we switch out every so often so they aren’t the same over and over. We spray them after every event to insure the cleanliness of the props. Clients are also invited to bring their own props.

What will my background be inside the booth? ~

You also have a choice of what color you want inside the booth. The background can be one of 8 colors that we have, or let us know if you have a color you would prefer instead and we can get it for you.

Can I get a scrapbook of the photos? ~

Yes, a scrapbook is included.

Another choice you have is in the way you want your memory of the booth to be preserved. We offer a scrapbook or a slideshow. If you choose the scrapbook, our attendant will glue each print into the album and encourage your guests to sign it. At the end of the event, the album is yours to take home. If you choose the slideshow option, then we design a slideshow, with the prints, set to music and mail it to you about a week after your event. Either of these options are a great way to remember your event. Many past clients tell us that they look at the photos quite often.

Can my guests view the images online? ~

Yes, with every event, we make an online gallery. After the event we will upload everything to the gallery where your guests can view, download, print or share the images. This gallery is password protected. Images are typically uploaded to your gallery within 48 hours of your event.

Can I add additional hours to my package? ~

Yes, many times we have couples ask us to stay. We do not book anything for later that evening, so it is no problem for us to stay an additional hour.

Are you insured? ~

Yes, we are fully insured and have no problem providing your venue with a certificate if needed, our insurance company will fax it directly to your venue.

How long have you been in business? ~

We have been operating our Photobooth since 2008. We were one of the first booths in the area and have hundreds of events under our belts.

Can I see your booth? ~

Yes, we do have images online of our booth at various events, both indoor and outdoor. But we will be more than happy to set up our booth and have you come in for a consultation. You can go in the booth and try it out. We can also mail you a packet of print samples upon request.

Backup Equipment

We bring backup equipment with us to make sure your photo booth keeps running.

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On Site Attendants

We stay with the photo booth at all times to help your guest, assemble scrapbook, and keep the line moving.

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